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I'm Rui Lopes and I approve this message.

I'm a Web enthusiast originally from sunny Lisbon, Portugal, but currently living and loving New York City, NY.

I'm currently working at Google on Search, in the team that develops and keeps running its front-end. I was also involved in the development some doodles such as the Moog Doogle and Doctor Who's 50th anniversary.

I'm wholeheartedly interested on the different facets of interaction between users and the Web, including UX, usability, accessibility, and mobility.

I'm also the co-founder of boomUX, a User Experience Design consulting company.


On spare time, I delve into small projects, mostly centred on Web front-end technologies. I've open-sourced some by-products of these projects (mostly Javascript libraries), which you can find at my GitHub account.


Up until late 2011, I've been a research scientist embraced on Web accessibility and other user experience studies on the Web, and an Invited Professor at University of Lisbon.

I've obtained my PhD degree in Software Engineering from the University of Lisbon in April 2012. The thesis focused on results and implications of large-scale Web accessibility evaluation. Previously, I earned an MSc degree which addressed hypertext processing for inclusive design.


In the past I’ve studied Arts, Architecture and Design. I’m still very fond on fine arts, specially artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Salvador Dalí, Claude Monet, Roy Lichtenstein, Edgar Degas, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Alvar Aalto.

I manage to keep myself sane by listening to all kinds of music and cooking.

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